Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Maybe it will last this time.

Ok, seriously, I'm going to try to blog one more time.
The last time I blogged was before Owen was born and Jack was 3 years old. A lot has changed since then! My sweet baby boy, Jack, will turn 5 in September. He is going through a major change in his life that my Grandmother says will happen every 5 years. Jack has become a little stubborn and defiant. I know it's hard to believe that Jack can be anything but sweet. At the same time, he is growing up and amazes us everyday. He is so smart and soaks up information like you wouldn't believe. Jack will start kindergarten in August and seems to be very excited. For right now, he will stay at the school that he has been at for 2 years. He loves the staff and teachers there! He will be going to kindergarten for 2 years because he misses the cutoff for kindergarten by a few days.

Owen, who is now 16 months, is definately the opposite of his brother. He is very independent and can play by himself for hours. He eats like a horse and will try just about any kind of food. He rarely sleeps through the night, which is kind of a pain. Right now, Owen wants his shoes on at all times. He has even taken naps with them on. His favorite shoes are his Crocs. It melts my heart when he brings them to me and whines for me to put them on. I love to see my boys playing together, especially when Jack makes Owen laugh!

Mike is still doing the pharmaceutical thing. He is very good at his job and for the most part, loves it. Anyone who knows Mike, knows that he loves golf. He hasn't been able to play since he broke his shoulder about a year ago (I'll tell that story at a later time) We are hoping that he may be able to play sometime in the near future.

So that's our update. More to come, stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're back!

Is trying to get back into blogging. Stay tuned...